“Back to Work” Solutions - Explained

A comprehensive technology guide by Pointr

Covid-19 poses several challenges for businesses:

  • How do I reopen my workplace in a way that is safe for my employees?
  • How do I implement a reopening solution that is effective and feasible to ensure business continuity even in case of Covid-19 cases?

In this report, we share a detailed technical analysis of technologies available to enable safe reopening. 
We examine the advantages and disadvantages of each including pricing, reliability, ease of setup and data privacy concerns.

After reading this guide, you will be equipped with the right knowledge to create your own workplace reopening strategy

In this guide, we compare the following technologies:

  • Badge / Tag tracking
  • Wearables (eg. wristbands, lanyards)
  • Camera / Vision based occupancy sensors
  • Motion-based occupancy sensors
  • WiFi-based location tracking
  • Smartwatch
  • Apple / Google Contact Tracing API
  • Contact tracing mobile apps
  • WorkSafe by Pointr


1. Introduction 4. Comparing solutions
2. Identifying requirements 5. Summary
3. What solutions are available?

6. Conclusion





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