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Frequently Asked Questions

How does WorkSafe work?

WorkSafe is a contact tracing app for the workplace. It is active when employees are at the office. It allows for a “Bluetooth handshake” between devices.

When a phone comes in close proximity with another phone, the app records the interaction using Bluetooth. 

It is designed to let people know if their device has been in close contact with someone who later reports unwell.

What is the definition of interaction for WorkSafe?

Upon researching 10+ countries' official definitions for "risky exposures", we've found that an interaction is considered risky if:
(i) two or more people are within 2 metre / 6 feet
(ii) for 15 minutes or more

WorkSafe is designed to ensure no interaction is missed. Therefore, we report any interaction
(i) within approximately 2 meters / 6 feet or less
(ii) for 5 minutes or moreEach interaction is logged with an average distance and a total duration, therefore, employers can make their own judgement as to how "risky" each interaction is between employees.

Is Pointr an app company?

Pointr is a global technology leader in indoor location technology. 

We're not an app company. Our main focus is not developing apps. In fact, most of our clients have their own apps.

Our location-based services can be easily integrated into existing apps: indoor/outdoor positioning, mobile navigation, asset tracking and location analytics.

We created the WorkSafe app for companies who need an efficient way to re-enter their buildings safely, using contact tracing.

However many companies integrate the Worksafe SDK into their own existing apps. Please contact us for more details.

Does my employer follow me all the time?

No, your employer cannot track your location. The technology just looks at the other phones that have been near you. We do not store location data in WorkSafe. 

How private and secure is my data?

WorkSafe does not store any personally identifiable information. Users do not share their Covid-19 status via Pointr. They share that information themselves directly with their employer.

The data recorded on WorkSafe is anonymous and stored securely in a private cloud.

Can my company match my ID and my phone number?

No. Unless you willingly give your WorkSafe ID to your employer yourself, your employer cannot match the anonymous WorkSafe ID to an employee. 

How do I download the WorkSafe app?

Please click on the link provided by your employer to download the app. No registration needed.

Can i turn off WorkSafe app?

Users have always full control as to what the app is tracing. They can turn it on and off at any time during the day. By design the system is on when a user is inside the building during business hours. There is an on and off switch that users can use to turn the app offline.

What if I delete and reinstall the WorkSafe app?

You will get a totally new User ID and there is no way of matching your previous ID with the new ID.

Why should I enable Bluetooth?

WorkSafe uses Bluetooth to record interactions between your phone and other devices in close proximity, when the app is active. 

Why should I enable Location Services?

WorkSafe needs location permission to check-in and check-out a user as they walk in or walk out of the building. WorkSafe does not track a user's GPS location inside or outside of the building. 

What if I do not give permission for push notification?

If you do not grant push notification permission for Worksafe app, you cannot use it in online mode.

Does WorkSafe run in background?

Yes, WorkSafe works just fine when it is in the background. Feel free to use your other apps on your mobile phone.

What is the battery consumption of Worksafe app?

Our tests so far showed us that Worksafe battery usage is optimized.

If you are using a fitness app such as the Nike or FitBit apps that measures your footsteps, it can use your phone's battery quickly. With WorkSafe, we only use GPS to keep the app running with a very low power mode.

Why isn't Worksafe inside the App Store?

WorkSafe is an app for businesses. Once companies sign up to WorkSafe, they get a download link that they can share with employees, which will download the app directly on their device without having to go through an app store. Worksafe is a business distribution and is only available via your employer.

How can I be sure that the app is off when I'm not at work?

By design, Worksafe only tracks interactions while you are inside the geofenced area defined by your employer, which is your workplace. 

I tested positive. What should I do?

Contact your employer immediately. You will be following your employer's HR processes. 

What is the expected distance where an interaction should be shown? Is this value configurable?

Interaction is defined as "spending 5 minutes or more within 3 metres" and we are not planning to make this configurable for the moment.

How long do two devices need to be next to each other to be identified as an interaction?

We have researched best practices from around the world. Almost every government has defined an interaction as 15 minutes or more. We start detecting an interaction from the 5th minute onwards, that's when it starts displaying on the screen. Users should notice the interaction after 6 minutes. However, if the interaction doesn't continue until the 15th minute, the system will eventually decide it wasn't an interaction.

Will beacons negatively affect device interactions on the WorkSafe app?

No - beacons should have no effect on device interactions on the WorkSafe app. 

Why am I seeing interaction on one phone and not on the other one?

Interactions start after 5 minutes. So as to conserve battery, devices scan every 1-2 minutes. That's why it's expected in this version that one device will show an interaction whilst the other shows zero interaction. Give it some time and they will synchronize.

I’ve managed to log into Pointr Cloud and I’m just in the process of setting up a geofence around the office. How can I check the number of phones within that geofence?

After creating the geofence please click on the "Publish" button to see that geofence and the number of devices inside in the Overview page.

What is the minimum Android & iOS version for WorkSafe?
  • Android v9 above
  • iOS 10.0 and above

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